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Floating between sea and sky is THE HIVE, a private residence that’s altogether different from every other villa in the area. Seductive and sensual, THE HIVE is a gathering place – where groups of friends, couples and multi-generational families come together to reconnect and experience the wonders of Costa Rica. For years, luxury villas have been purposely built all over Peninsula Papagayo. But there’s only one HIVE. A place that feels alive and attuned to you and the individual experiences you help to create when you visit.


THE HIVE is a gathering place – for people and more importantly for design aficionados.
More than 10 countries were visited to source every component for the THE HIVE. When combined, these elements seamlessly come together to form a rich tapestry, where individual pieces fade away and the whole of a unified design aesthetic appears, and works. As you wander, you’ll soon find that around every turn is a new discovery, every sightline reveals another secret, and every door leads to another surprise.


There’s an unexpected, yet intentional lightness and flow to this place, in a soul-cleansing sort of way. Beds float above the ground, and views from each room transition from inside to the outside jungle, ocean and beyond. It’s hard to describe the feeling you feel while staying at THE HIVE other than to say being one with a place never felt more right, right now.


With indoor and outdoor dining areas bathed in vibrant turquoises, blues and greens, it’s as if the dramatic colors of the infinity pool and the Pacific Ocean were brought ashore. Dining at THE HIVE is an adventure in itself, with our full-time chef guiding you through an array of dishes that focus on the freshest seafood and produce Costa Rica offers.


The beauty of the THE HIVE is that you can make every experience exactly what you’d like it to be. It can be energetic and buzzy or utterly serene and calm. Whether you want to get your heart pumping or get your mind to slow down, the HIVE offers an array of features and experiences to satisfy every need.

Local Adventures

Sure our full-time concierge can send you ziplining through the rainforest, hiking the volcano, or deep sea fishing on the Pacific Ocean. But our real expertise lies in sharing the authentic and rich land, culture and people of Costa Rica with you and your guests – the places only we know about.